1. The return policy

1). Since the customer to sign for goods within 48 hours, and consumption goods without opening the case, if you are not satisfied with our goods, we will provide return service.(if you receive the goods have quality problem, you can     return channel/App/telephone customer service return channel processing.) 

2). If you apply through the relevant channels do, could you please upload the return goods as a whole, and to provide them or the picture of the label and goods have to be kept.(the personnel of the service in a timely manner in order   to facilitate processing your problem).

3). If you apply for the return, please phone to maintain patency after the application is successful, in order to inform you our mobile phones or text messages.

4). Normally, we will refund back to your account easy fruit.

2. Special statement

1). The return of the goods occurs, because the customer return, we just return the payment amount of goods, the original order if you have corresponding freight will not be returned, if it is the door to arrange return, still need to   charge for delivery;As a result of easy fruit cause or quality problems caused by the return of the goods, easy fruit will refund your payment amount of commodity and the corresponding freight.

2). Fresh vegetables and some special goods (commodity instructions will prompt) we only accept complaints on the spot, once receipt, we will no longer accept return requirements.

3). If for personal reasons of quality problem goods from the customers, we will not return.

4). If you have any special product orders, return money, if not meet give preferential conditions, with special goods must be returned.Such as preferential once opened or edible, order goods only change.If there are any inconvenience,   please understanding.

5). Return of goods need to return the invoice and easy fruit distribution list (client), please properly keep shopping after the purchase invoice and delivery sheet, such as due to return invoice or customer easy fruit distribution list (client), would be likely to cause to return, the resulting adverse consequences, will be borne by you.

6). In the case of lack of quantity of the goods, we only accept the complaint on the spot, namely the delivery after I get home, the customer check the goods quantity and complaints to the distribution agent in time.Once receipt, we     will not accept the return.

7). Typically, an order can only make a return and operation, so in order to ensure your rights, please contact us after you thoughtful.

8). We will for you in return after payment into your account in fruit, so that the next time you order, if you need to deal with return, please contact our customer service, after customer service staff to verify the will apply refund   for you.Advance deposit payment can only be returned to the deposit account, gift card (vouchers) pay cannot be converted into cash, can't deal with a refund.

9). Pictures and information are only for your reference, in kind, the goods will be final.Due to the shooting light and different display color difference may cause problems such as commodity pictures and material have off color, does   not belong to quality problems.


Warm prompt:

For your interest, please check carefully check your order after receipt of the goods.Such as commodity distribution is wrong, damaged packaging, product problems such as decay, the number is wrong, please timely to delivery staff face to face, so that we can for you as soon as possible.​